Bad Fashion: Rafa pulls a flashy one

Oh dear, oh dear. As if there weren’t enough fashion disasters at the US Open this year already, on Sunday morning my favourite tennis player Rafael Nadal took to the court wearing… fluorescent green! Immediate reactions from family and via text messages from concerned friends:

“Horrible! Awful!”

“What’s wrong with him?”

“He needs a stylist, now!”

I couldn’t agree more. Take a look:


My eyes, my eyes!

Check out an an earlier match in the Grand Slam in which Rafael wore an all-black outfit, with flashes of the same neon green.

Rafael_Nadal_match1  Rafael_Nadal_sneakers

Here’s a close-up of his shoes, perfectly coordinated with both his tees, but way too bright.

Meanwhile, Rafa sent his opponent (cute French monsieur Gilles Simon) packing in straight sets. I wonder how much of Rafael Nadal’s victory was to do with him blinding Simon, and how much due to his on-court prowess. But as a Rafa fangirl, I believe it’s mostly the latter. 🙂

Meanwhile, check out last year’s US Open fashion report.

PS—More US Open fashion disasters to come! Stay tuned.

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  1. Yes, too bright. And when people were saying he got his hair cut, I thought it’d be major. Sadly, it’s still long. And what’s with Venus’ dress? Clearly she didn’t design it, because she would have known it would keep riding up.

    1. I have a feeling Venus knew what was coming. We know what a great designer Venus is [sarcastic tone here]. 😉 And even if someone else designed it, I can’t believe they wouldn’t test it beforehand (fittings etc). All clothing companies do that.

  2. My eyes were aching yesterday and I solely blame Rafa’s dreadful tee for it. What was he thinking, really? I hope he plays at night, even though I am not a fan of his Darth Vader look either. But a bright sun plus Rafa’s bright tee along with the bright tennis ball… it is recipe made in hell.

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