Big sunglasses: not so chic?

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Everyone has an opinion on fashion, including guys. Two brave and smart guys two Speaking Chic readers, both guys. Both are techies, both recently back from the US, and both wrote in separately to Speaking Chic. Both had the same complaint—women (and men) in oversized sunglasses.

Yes, we girls love those. But the guys hate them just as much. Mumbai-based Chandresh’s litany of complaints about sunglasses started with him seeking a good pair in the US. “The first time I tried the cool Ray-Ban Aviators, they turned out so big for my face, I could fit both my eyes in one lens.” And then begins his story of woe. “Few years back, I remember watching Paris Hilton wearing big sunglasses covering half her face. I figured she was just trying to get attention with such stupid glasses… And the next thing I see? Girls wearing glasses that have been carved out of their bedroom windows.”

Meanwhile, Satish opines that the big sunglasses hides the wearer’s beauty. The Hyderabad techie says, “These glasses look really funny when worn even by beautiful women. They hide their beauty, and all time and effort they spend to get their eyes to sparkle goes in vain.”

Good point, Satish. FYI, Bollywood actor Priyanka Chopra is known to never step out without her large sunglasses:


So what’s in store for the future of sunglasses? The guys are optimistic. “Perhaps time will heal everything including bad taste,” says Chandresh.

And Satish wrote: “Whether men we (men) like it or not, women wear what they like, and some of them end up looking funny!”

Point taken, gentlemen. But will the ladies listen? Take our poll and tell us what you think!

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