WLIFW: Reynu Taandon’s hole-y safari

On day 5 of Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, designer Reynu Taandon took fashionistas on a safari in clothes replete with holes. In Reynu’s Spring/ Summer 2011 collection Safari Glam, the garments were, well, perforated. The little circles were cut precisely into the fabric using a laser-based technique.

Before you say,“No way I’m gonna wear clothes with holes”, recall the recently-popular cutwork jackets. And then take a look at the pictures below. The shorts in the first picture are wearable,  while the varying hole diameters in the beige shirt give a whole new meaning to safari chic. (Scroll down further for a close-up of the shirt).

Reynu Taandon top and shorts at WLIFW Reynu Taandon outfit at WLIFW

Note the fringes and gold studs on the left pocket.

                                  Close up of Reynu Taandon shirt WLIFW

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